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Over 74% of people want to see legislation for Assisted Dying.

Ireland continues to change and so too have attitudes around how we live and die.

The last thing any of us want to see is our loved ones suffer.  Too many people endure an unnecessarily, prolonged and often painful death. Sadly palliative care, despite claims to the contrary does not alleviate pain in all cases. 

Even if an Assisted Death is not what you would choose for yourself, why deny another who wants this valid end of life option? 

With a robust framework of proven  safeguards in place, a ‘kinder death’ is possible.  Every day we have conversations with people who years later still have vivid memories of seeing a family member or friend suffering, in many instances begging to be allowed to die.  The lasting impact of a ‘bad death’ can be devastating and underestimated.  

What we’re asking is that you inform yourselves of the facts, make an informed decision for yourself, but above all, that you support the right for people to choose for themselves.

Legislation provides choice and protects everyone.

When you sign the petition, we can keep you updated and help you with easy ways to contact your your local TDs. 

Ask them who from their party will sit on this Special Committee yet to be  established.   The sooner it is up and running, everyone’s voices can be heard and policy guidelines for legislation progressed. 

Dying people do not have time to waste.  They want to get on with living, as well as they can, while they can.  Knowing a ‘kinder death’ is possible means a dying person who wants an assisted death can get on with living.  Choice and personal autonomy lies at the heart of this legislation.   

MARIE FLEMING who had MS fought for her constitutional right to die taking her case to the Supreme Court with the support of her partner Tom Curran in 2013.  Though  Judge Susan Denham ruled against Marie, she determined Government could legislate for Assisted Dying. Marie died later that same year. 
This is Marie’s legacy.  
Letting Go  A story of love and sacrifice 

written by KathyAnn Murphy now touring Ireland. Powerful. Poignant. A play we’d highly recommend.

No Excuses: With over 20 years of expertise, experience and research for Irish legislators to draw on, Ireland can have legislation for Assisted Dying to be proud of and allow dying people who want this choice the option of a kinder death

Compassion: Allowing people with a terminal or incurable progressive condition of sound mind to determine when they have had ‘enough’ improves the quality of life remaining to them and gives immeasurable peace of mind.

The Alternatives:   Dying people who want this choice will continue to consider suicide, or find a way to travel to Switzerland for an assisted death and their loved ones, anyone assisting them will risk a prison sentence of up to 14 years.


"If I knew I could pass at a time that was within my control, humanely, with compassion and kindness, there would be no fear. I would waste no more
life being afraid.
I could live."

Gaynor French
1970 - 2018

Your help matters now. So what can you do?

This extra petition is to tell our TDs there must be no delay in setting this Special Committee up now.

Minister McEntee called for a Special Oireachtas Committee to be set up, as did the Justice Committee in July 2021 and still no indication of what is happening.  

This petition calls on  government to act swiftly.  But which TD will propose a motion to get this moving?  Maybe you can help us here? 

Dying people who want to choose this valid end of life option do not have time to waste. 

This register will give statistical data to show our TDs the level of support amongst Healthcare Professionals

We recognise not all voices are heard and can be difficult for healthcare professionals to publicly support this campaign.   This highly secure and confidential register means healthcare professionals in Ireland can support this campaign for assisted dying,. 

We will report on this data in aggregate, for statistical purposes, with the sole objective of campaigning for legislation for assisted dying in dying in Ireland. For more information please see our privacy policy.

EOLI Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD)

An Advance Healthcare Directive (AHD) is a statement made by a competent adult relating to the type and extent of medical treatments they wish to receive. It is a way of formally making known to others what your wishes are for end-of-life care. You can download a copy of an AHD here. It’s a seven-page document that you fill in to fit with your beliefs and wishes.

Sadly, assisting someone to access Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) at end their life is punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment. It follows that that no-one can ask for an assisted death because it might put someone in danger of prosecution. The Dying With Dignity Bill, if passed, will remove that criminal offence and permit doctors to provide a Voluntary Assisted Dying service in very restricted circumstances. 

Please do read our series of blog posts outlining how to prepare for end of life, which includes directions on how to complete your Advance Healthcare Directive. 

Dying people who want this valid end of life option
do not have time to waste.

This is a time sensitive legislation for those with terminal illnesses / incurable, progressive  conditions who wish to access VAD.  This legislation must not be unnecessarily be delayed.  Together we must ensure this happens..  

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