End of Life Ireland

Working Together Towards Legislation for Assisted Dying

Who are we? 

End of Life Ireland are a fully volunteer-led advocacy group campaigning for legislation for Voluntary Assisted Dying. 

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Here in Ireland, we’ve been working with a group of Irish Doctors Supporting MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) and together, to foster greater understanding of Assisted Dying, we’re jointly hosting Public Information Meetings across the country. 

Now the Special Committee on Assisted Dying has been established, we recognise the need for international collaboration. End of Life Ireland has been connecting with legislators, healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and ethicists throughout the world.

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We are ready to facilitate introductions to help ensure Ireland develops legislation that builds on best practice in other jurisdictions so that when the  legislation is enacted the service works well for patients. A robust framework of safeguards must be in place and it is critical that patients can access this service without being overburdened by bureaucracy.