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End of Life Ireland on Midwest FM

As the Oireachtais Committee considers their Report to the Dail, End of Life Ireland Director Janie Lazar was interviewed on Midwest FM. Click here to listen to the interview in full


Brendan Clarke

“Try and live my life and you’ll all change your opinion.”

This is Brendan Clarke’s submission to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Assisted Dying.

Brendan Clarke was diagnosed with  Motor Neurone Disease. He died in August 2023, but had asked to meet with the Dail Joint Committee on Assisted Dying in May 2023 whilst he still had his voice and could be physically assisted to come into the Dail. This was not granted before the summer recess.

Brendan Clarke’s nieces supported his decision

Brendan’s nieces Sarah and Tara hope that his voice will be heard and that Assisted Dying will become a legal end-of-life choice for people who are unbearably suffering.

A kinder death is possible.

Contemplating a ‘home’ at the end of life’s journey

Nobody wants to think about life’s end, but it’s important that we do writes Dr Chris Luke – and that we find our own ‘dream’ Nursing Home to pass out the end days of our lives

On the morning that Wayne Briese had chosen for his medically assisted death, he was out shovelling snow in front of his house at 6am, to make sure the doctor would be able to get her car in. Click here to read her story in the Irish Times

On Monday 9th October Katie Hannon, her panel and a studio audience discussed the question ‘Should Ireland introduce legislation on Assisted Dying‘. Click here to watch the episode

Garret Aheren spoke to Lunchtime Live’s Andrea Gilligan about his experience of supporting his wife Vicky Janssens. 

As a Belgian citizen Vicky was forced to travel to Belgium to end her suffering and Garret’s story is heartbreaking.  

No one should have to travel for an assisted death, when a kinder, assisted death here in Ireland could be possible. 

Click here to listen to the conversation.

In this article on the RTE Website, Mike Murphy from UCC asks ‘what approach should our society take to the end of life and should this involve aid in dying?’

Please note that this story is behind the Irish Times pay wall.

Janie Lazar on Near FM

In June 2023 Darren J Prior of Near FM spoke to Janie Lazar, Chair of End of LIfe Ireland, about the aims of the organisation and the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Assisted Dying which is working toward publishing a report in March 2024.