Status of Assisted Dying (Feb. 2022)

The press office of the Oireachtas have confirmed the following:

Three Special Committees were approved in principle. Gender Equality which is now up and running, Autism and Assisted Dying have yet to be established.

We understand Terms of Reference for the work of the Assisted Dying Special Committee were ‘worked on’ before Christmas 2021. This information will only become available once a motion for the set up of the committee is passed.

The key question is: Who will propose the Motion in order for this Special Committee to be set up?

We ask: When will TDs who we know privately support Assisted Dying speak out publicly?

We know:

  • Most TD’s fear losing votes

  • Most TD’s want to work on issues that have a ‘wide appeal’

  • Most TD’s seem  only relate to the need for this legislation when they have personally lost a loved one and through that experienced a ‘bad death’

Government can draft legislation to provide for Assisted Dying. The Supreme Court ruled against Marie Fleming’s fight for her constitutional right to die but determined Irish Legislation could provide for Assisted Dying. Marie died in 2013 and still we wait.

Just as Irish people recognised the importance of personal autonomy and choice with Marriage Equality and Abortion, Irish people want to have the right to choose how, when and where they die


Assisted Dying has been in practice in jurisdictions throughout the world for over 20 years. Legislation for Assisted Dying will provide choice and protect everyone

There is no evidence of a slippery slope..

Nobody should have to endure an unnecessarily prolonged and painful death.

More palliative care is needed throughout the country – a separate issue

Palliative care does not alleviate all pain

Robust proven safeguards exist. Ireland can learn from global experience

Without legislation, passive euthanasia will continue to be unregulated and unacknowledged.

Without legislation, people are having to find the money to travel abroad to have an assiisted death.

Without legislation, people commit suicide, which is legal in Ireland.

Without legislation, anyone helping another to end their life, to travel for an assisted death risks up to 14 years imprisonment.

Over coming months, End of Life Ireland will be hosting information sessions around the country. Respectful conversations are already happening. We know that some people because of their strong personal beliefs will not want the option of an assisted death for themselves. All we ask, is that not allow their personal beliefs to deny another the choice and support someone who wants to have a legal and safe end of life option, which research shows gives immeasurable peace of mind – whether that choice is exerted or not.

No legislation means no choice.

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