End of Life Ireland

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Ireland is changing and so too are attitudes around how we live and die. Now Ireland has established an all party, time bound Special Oireachtas Committee for Assisted Dying, it is in everyone’s interest to inform themselves and get the facts. What lies at the heart of legislation for Assisted Dying is choice.  Around the world it is recognised as a valid end of life choice, which legislation provides the right to apply to be assessed against strict elgibility criteria.  We believe a ‘kinder death’ is possible.  An assisted death may not be your choice, all we ask is that you support the right for people to choose for themselves. 

Read our Oireachteas submission on the Dying with Dignity Bill.

Over on our blog, our committee member Alan Tuffery describes how he has prepared his end of life affairs in a series of five short blog posts.

We have an extensive FAQ, at this link. If you have any further questions please use email us at info@endoflifeireland.ie. We will do our best to respond to all your questions!

Watch Helen O’Shaughnessy’s TEDx talk delivered here in Ireland before she returned to NZ. Since graduating as a nurse in 1981, Helen’s nursing experience extended to working in Scotland, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Australia and New Zealand. She has actively campaigned for social change, including abortion rights, separation of church and state and the removal of blasphemy laws from the Irish Constitution.  As an active Humanist and accredited celebrant in NZ, she moved back to Ireland in 2017 to care for her late sister who was then terminally Ill.