End of Life Ireland

Our team

Janie Lazar 

As someone who has faced mortality more than once, Janie is acutely aware of the importance of quality of life and specifically, choices that impact both how we live, as well as die.  Communication, Connection, Collaboration combined with a strong sense of social justice is what underpin  what she does publicly including leading TEDx Dun Laoghaire and privately as a Specialist Speaker and Life Coach.  The direct impact of chronic pain and terminal illness on people and their families that she sees as a secular celebrant has highlighted the changing attitude towards assisted dying. ‘Listening to Gaynor French in 2017 made me realise how much this legislation for Voluntary Assisted Dying is needed, she campaigned tirelessly right up to her death.’

Justin McKenna

Justin has over 40 years continuous experience as a solicitor practising in the area of end of life.  He is a former chairperson of the Law Society  Committee on Probate Administration and Trusts and a former President of the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association.  He is one of the founding partners of Partners at Law Solicitors, a law firm based in Dun Laoghaire.

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Alan Tuffery, PhD

Dr Alan Tuffery is a former university lecturer in physiology and was involved in student services in various roles: personal tutor, developing disability services and managing the College’s tutorial service.

After ‘retirement’ Alan taught on the Trinity Access Programmes.in a volunteer capacity, helping to provide academic advice to students. Among his current interests are the individual in society and improving the quality of life for all. He is committed to end of life choice and dying with dignity.

Niamh Phelan, MSc.

Niamh is a technologist specialising in analytics and digital transformation in large multinationals. As a Volunteer Technologist she has lent her expertise to charities working with migrants, older people, people experiencing homelessness, people with addiction issues and people working in the sex industry. She is a Volunteer Solution Architect with the Irish Red Cross, managing their pledging platform, and is a founding member of Dublin 8 Refugee Community Sponsorship Group.
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Judith Ashton

Judith has been a body orientated psychotherapist and massage therapist for 35+ years and she has supported  many terminally ill clients and their families.  She is also a fully qualified funeral celebrant and a recent Tedx speaker. 

Helen O’Shaughnessy

Since graduating in 1981, Helen’s nursing experience extended to working in Scotland for four years before working in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and on to Australia and New Zealand for 28 years. Helen loves the outdoors, sport, hiking, cycling .and swimming and as a keen triathelete, participates in marathons and Ironman events. She has actively campaigned for social change, including abortion rights, separation of church and state and the Removal of Blasphemy Laws from the Irish Constitution.  As an active Humanist and accredited celebrant in NZ, she moved back to Ireland in 2017 to care for her sister who was terminally Ill. Dying with Dignity she feels is a fundamental human right something not afforded to her sister, or many others.

Patrick Cassidy, M.Ed

Patrick counts an M.Ed. among his accomplishments and has enjoyed a career of 40 years.  He has been a HR Professional in both the automotive and life science industries and a Director of Business Development in the power industry. Currently Patrick specialises as an EHS consultant to a number of clients.

Terry Flynn

Terry has been an ethical campaigner for many years on issues from End Blasphemy Laws, Census reform and secular education to name a few. 
An advocate for choice at the end of one’s life for many years. 

Elizabeth Harpur

Liz is an experienced community volunteer having been a member of the Board of Directors of her credit union since 2012.  A Fellow of the Institute of Accounting Technicians of Ireland, she also holds a Diploma in Credit Union Governance. As a member and strong supporter of EOLI, Liz believes passionately in autonomy of choice regarding assisted dying and dying with dignity and considers the time is right to place trust in our doctors and patients with terminal illnesses to make the difficult and peaceful end of life choices which so many of us may have to face.

Noel Byrne

Noel is a retired Civil Servant. His principal interest is in Philosophy with particular interests in Ethics and Morality.

May Sivertsen

May is a brand identity designer. Originally from Norway she has lived in Ireland for more than twenty years. She has designed the visual communication for EOLI and she hopes her contribution helps build awareness and support for the Dying with Dignity campaign, to see legislation enacted for something she believes in.

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