End of Life Ireland


Would you be willing to Share Your Story?

No legislation means no choice. Stories have a role to play in bringing about change. Stories matter. When people share their personal stories, it brings out the humanity in us.  More people across the world are sharing their personal experiences of death and dying and of why they want to have the choice of applying for Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD). Politicians have a moral duty to listen without judgement, without allowing their own beliefs to influence them, a moral imperative to listen with compassion, even if VAD is not something they personally would choose.  Stories tell us more about people than our submissions to government and articles in the media ever can.

If you would like to share your story with us, please send them in an email to:   stories@endoflifeireland.ie

Stories can be submitted in written format, audio or video, whatever is easiest for you. The important thing is that you are comfortable sharing your story. To help you, here is our Guide to Sharing Your Story.  

If you would like us to help you tell your story, please email us and someone will contact you as soon as we can.  We’re used to listening and do understand how emotional the experience of telling your story can be.  We also know how helpful it could be to other people to hear your story.

For written submissions, please include a photo of yourself if you so wish, or of the person whose story you are telling. A photo that best reflects the person behind the story. Remember to indicate who is in the photograph(s) and the photographer’s name.     

If using video or audio, we recommend you create the recording first, then contact us by email and we will advise you how best to send your recording to us. 

You can also send us a direct message via Facebook, Messenger or Twitter